Secrets to a Flatter Belly: Expert Tips and Tricks Revealed

Secrets to a Flatter Belly: Expert Tips and Tricks Revealed

Many women are not satisfied with how their bellies look… But there is a solution! 

Does a flat belly have to be your goal? Of course not! However, we are talking about it because what can be an aesthetic problem for you can also affect the functioning of your body, putting a strain on your spine or pelvic floor. And we care about your health as well as your well-being.

It often happens that despite making a lot of crunches and developing a defined rectus abdominis muscle (the so-called “6-pack”) the lower part of your belly still protrudes. Why? It may be because you don’t exercise the transverse abdominal muscle, which is your natural muscle corset. And when you exercise your pelvic floor muscles (colloquially known as Kegel muscles), you also engage the transverse muscle.

We do not want you to strive for a flat belly at all costs or pull it in all the time (which we strongly advise against ;)). We want you to take care of your health, and we know that efficient pelvic floor muscles and the transverse abdominal muscle, on the one hand, prevent urinary incontinence or spinal pain, and on the other hand, affect the appearance of your stomach.

We often get messages from you that you can see changes in your appearance as a result of exercising with us! We publish here some from our fan page and the Kegel Ninja group on Facebook, of course with the permission of the Authors.

I can already see a difference in the appearance of my stomach and I’ve only been exercising for a month with the device, application, and coach support, the best option ?

And I’ve been with you for over a year with a short break but with the new application I saw great results. My goal is prevention because I’ve never given birth and I will tell you honestly that my stomach has never looked so good even though I’ve been training in the gym for many years. Thank you ❤️

What is necessary to achieve this effect? Systematic exercises! We are very proud if you manage to exercise as regularly as one of you who sent us her opinion. All the training sessions marked in green are completed exercises!

How to start exercising your abdomen?

Lie down on your back and bend your knees slightly. Imagine you are fastening your zipper in too-tight pants or gently clenching the muscle that runs around your belt in low-cut jeans. As you exhale, gently pull in the lower abdomen up to 30% of your capacity. Let your spine stay still; do not press it against the ground.

Gently put your hands on your waist and while exhaling, try to shift it away from your hands. Remember that this is a minimal movement and do not pull your belly in too much.

Move your hands to your hips. Feel the anterior superior iliac spines under your fingers. Imagine you are trying to bring them closer together by gently activating the transverse muscle. Pay special attention to it during your pelvic floor muscle training today.

What can you do to exercise more effectively?

Did you know that through pelvic floor muscle training, you can finally get rid of the muffin top below the belly button? The superficial perineal fascia (Colles' fascia) has an anatomical continuity with one of the fasciae of the anterior abdominal wall (Scarpa's fascia) and significantly influences the tension of the transverse abdominal muscles. The stubborn muffin top that doesn't seem to go away despite gym workouts can disappear with properly selected pelvic floor muscle exercises using our devices.

The phrase “flat belly” is very often searched for by women. We want to reach as many people as possible to share our knowledge, so you will also find it in the title of our article. However, our beauty standard is not a flat belly, but attentive care for your health.

Do you want to start exercising? You are welcome! Order the device and start taking care of your body together wth us 🙂

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