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PelviFly brings together a group of specialists whose priority is to help women In pelvic floor exercises. They combine work in offices with remote guidance and supervision of the training of their patients.

Who is PelviCoach ?

Pelvicoach is a specialist who working with the device helps patients in training pelvic floor muscles, both online and in the office.

Its tasks are:

-in-depth evaluation of muscle test results and supervising the course
of Exercise
-Recomming The path of diagnosis and treatment of health problems according to medical knowledge
preparation of the training plan tailored to your individual
-keeping in touch with the person exercising through an intimate in-app chat
-Motivating to regularity and supporting the achievement of the objective pursued
Pelvic floor Muscle Education

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How PelviFly? works

Ikona PelviFly

PelviFly device

The vaginal device allows you to perform pelvic floor muscle exercises in the form of motivational games available in the application, with an individually adjusted level of difficulty based on the test. It also has a built-in vibration function.

Ikona PelviFly

The Pelvifly & Kegel Ninja Trainer app

The application contains an exercise plan and motivates them, thanks to the progress path indicating the tasks to be performed, needed to achieve the next goals. It allows contact via chat with PelviCoach and provides a compendium of knowledge about pelvic floor muscles.

Ikona PelviFly


PelviCoach is a medical specialist or trainer who arranges and monitors online training and supports in achieving the set goals. Thanks to PelviFly, he uses biofeedback and telecare to develop his practice.

Workout Kits

objectives: Strength, endurance, speed, control, relaxation


based on the Oxford and Perfect scale


for workouts as a constant amplitude biofeedback

Insight into patient's exercise results

with the ability to compare muscle tests over time
and between patients


for direct communication

Create a Trenigma plan

with the possibility of sharing them with other specialists

What you can gain from being PelviCoachem?

New Customers
Contact with patients
Performance monitoring
You can use it in your medical office
Become PelviCoach

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