Functional diagnostics and therapy, in pelvic floor dysfunctions with telemedicine

Training for specialists who want to cooperate in a coordinated care model and more effectively assist patients with stress incontinence.

Why work with PelviFly?

PelviFly is the first comprehensive system that allows for coordinated care of women with pelvic floor dysfunction. It allows the cooperation of gynecologists, physiotherapists, nurses and midwives, and sports trainers based on the training portal.

New Customers

According to the study, every third woman is struggling with pelvic floor dysfunction and expects support in solving the problem

Contact with patients

The best results of training brings a combination of consultations in the Office with exercises performed in the home environment

Performance monitoring

Access to the training portal allows you to assess progress and a real impact on the course of rehabilitation.

You can use it in your medical office

The muscle test with the device performed in the medical office complements other diagnostic methods and allows for convenient archiving of results

Training program


Diagnosis and qualification of patients with dysfunctions for pelvic floor muscle training

1. The role of the physician in diagnosing pelvic floor dysfunction

2. Types of disorders and appropriate treatment

3. Eligibility criteria for conservative treatment

Trainer: Klaudia Stangel-Wójcikiewicz

Functional evaluation and therapy of urogynaecological patients (theory and practice)

1. Pelvic Floor Anatomy

2. Physiotherapeutic interview and course of visit

3. The role of deep and postural muscles

4. Assessment of body posture and types of overload syndromes accompanying and influencing the formation of pelvic floor dysfunction

5. The role of breathing

6. Pelvic floor reeducation, exercise rules, proper activation of pelvic floor muscles and common errors

Trainer: Dorota Czernichowska-Stanek

Selected osteopathic techniques used in the treatment of patients with pelvic floor dysfunctions

1. Osteopathic manual techniques Safe for the patient

2. Normalization of the pelvic floor

3. Techniques for working with body diaphragms

4. Selected visceral techniques

Trainer: Ewelina Tyszko-Bury

Diagnosis and qualification of patients with dysfunctions for pelvic floor muscle training

1. Model of coordinated care for patients with urinary incontinence using telemedicine. The role of gynecologist, physiotherapist, nurse and midwive and sports trainer

2. Use of the PelviFly system (vaginal probe, mobile applications, training portal, muscle test, exercise algorithms) in the evaluation

and rehabilitation of pelvic floor muscles-carrying out and interpreting the test and muscle exercises (practical classes, working in groups)

3. Application of pressure biofeedback in the reeducation of the pelvic floor (overview of the assumptions of training in the application, individual training plans, interpretation of the results, correction of parameters during the course of rehabilitation, practical classes)

4. PelviFly System and cooperation with specialists through training platform

5. Case study of selected patients conducted in the telemedical system-presentation of results

6. Principles for creating an innovative medical office

– Implementation of telemedicine in the medical office

– Online marketing, reaching out to patients with problems

– Building lasting relationships with medical partners

Trainer: Dr Urszula Herman

Who will train you at the course?

A team of prominent specialists in the field of gynecology, physiotherapy, osteopathy and telemedicine, which will gladly share the vast experience of working with patients.

Urszula Herman

Scientist and pioneers in the implementation of innovative TELEMEDICIC solutions in the prevention and treatment of pelvic floor dysfunction. Collaborating with the Silicon Valley engineers and designers in the US has created a unique exercise algorithm that has been tested in research. Laureate of numerous awards for scientific achievements.

Founder of Pelvifly

Dr Urszula Herman

Ewelina Tyszko-Bury


Ewelina Tyszko-Bury


Dr Hab. N. Med. Klaudia Stangel-Wojcikiewicz


Dorota Czernichowska-Stanek

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