We work with the best specialists,
Who actively help women

PelviFly brings together a group of specialists whose priority is to help women In pelvic floor exercises. They combine work in offices with remote guidance and supervision of the training of their patients.

Urządzenie PelviFly
PelviFly - for pelvic floor muscle exercise

Who is PelviCoach ?

Pelvicoach is a specialist who working with the device helps patients in training pelvic floor muscles, both online and in the office.

Its tasks are:

-in-depth evaluation of muscle test results and supervising the course
of Exercise
-Recomming The path of diagnosis and treatment of health problems according to medical knowledge
preparation of the training plan tailored to your individual
-keeping in touch with the person exercising through an intimate in-app chat
-Motivating to regularity and supporting the achievement of the objective pursued
Pelvic floor Muscle Education

What you can gain from being PelviCoachem?

PelviFly enables every specialist to reach with professional knowledge a wide group of women who expect support in pelvic floor muscle training.

New Customers

According to the study, every third woman is struggling with pelvic floor dysfunction and expects support in solving the problem

Contact with patients

The best results of training brings a combination of consultations in the Office with exercises performed in the home environment

Performance monitoring

Access to the training portal allows you to assess progress and a real impact on the course of rehabilitation.

You can use it in your medical office

The muscle test with the device performed in the medical office complements other diagnostic methods and allows for convenient archiving of results

Working with the tool in your office

Cabinet Consultation

-Diagnosis of
-Manual Therapy

Herman in the Office

-Meat Test with report
-Workouts with biofeedback
-Use of vibration in therapy

Home rehabilitation

-Setting plans and tasks
-Monitoring the achievement of objectives
-Signals about the course of therapy
-Intimate communication via chat

Cabinet Consultation

-Evaluation of therapy progress
-Treatments supporting the modification of training pathways

Workout Kits

objectives: Strength, endurance, speed, control, relaxation


based on the Oxford and Perfect scale


for workouts as a constant amplitude biofeedback

Insight into patient's exercise results

with the ability to compare muscle tests over time
and between patients


for direct communication

Create a Trenigma plan

with the possibility of sharing them with other specialists

How to become a PelviCoach?

Choose the path that suits you best to become PelviCoach.
Stationary course
Cena 1 990 PLN until 15th September 2019, then 2490 PLN
Najbliższe szkolenie: 16-17.11.2019-Warsaw, Poland
  • Two-day training
  • An intensive program prepared by the best gynecologists and physiotherapists from the urogynecology area
  • Classes of diagnosis and manual therapy of pelvic floor dysfunctions
  • Implementation of the PelviFly system to work with patients both in the office and remotely
  • Do you have any questions? Call a physiotherapist who already uses the PelviFly system in patient care-885 311 403. We will answer all your questions.
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Stationary course

* Price 1 990 PLN applies for pre-order from 16.05.2019 to 15.09.2019. Price regular 2 490 PLN after 16.09.2019. The price of the course does not include access to the telecare web portal. Booking a place for a course requires a non-refundable advance payment of 750 zł. The advance payment must be paid within two days of the registration. After you have signed up you will receive an email with payment details and a link to express transfers.