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Telecare in Spain

We’d like to introduce to you Sandra Lois Gutiérrez – an outstanding physiotherapist and osteopathist from Spain, who has just joined our team.

Sandra runs her own clinic in Madrid (Clinica LCA) and is the co-founder of Osteomama. She’s specializes in osteopathic treatment procedures in gynecology and obstetrics. But that’s not everything! Sandra is also a coordinator at FBEO (Formación Belga-Española de Osteopatía), a school of osteopathy in Spain, with branches in Brazil and Mexico. She teaches visceral osteopathy in Spain, Brazil, Mexico, Argentina, and Italy.

In 2018, she organized an international congress of osteopathy in Madrid, and now she’s involved in the organization of Osteo Summit 2020. She’s also the president of the Spanish Register of Osteopaths (ROE).

“What I value most about PelviFly is the possibility to use biofeedback and vibration training with my patients, the option to plan an individual therapy, and the access to detailed training statistics.”

Sandra Lois Gutiérrez
Osteópata Eur Ost DO mROE 
MSc. Fisioterapeuta.Especialista en Osteopatía Visceral, Ginecología y Obstetricia

Specialists use PelviFly in their treatment rooms to examine the activity of pelvic floor muscles, to teach patients how to activate and relax these muscles correctly, and to plan therapy programs and monitor the course and effects of the exercise patients do at home. Exercising with PelviFly makes it also possible to take advantage of biofeedback and vibration training – 20Hz or 50Hz fixed-frequency vibration, and 1-100Hz frequency vibration increasing depending on the force of contraction.

Before the training starts, patients always perform a muscle strength test based on which we can assess the condition of their pelvic floor muscles – based on e.g. the following parameters:

  • change in relaxation over time and the ability to relax after contraction
  • ability to perform a contraction up to 20% of the maximum force (MVC – maximum voluntary contraction)
  • test of the maximum muscle contraction force
  • contraction control and muscle endurance
  • ability to perform quick contractions with maximum force.

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