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Pelvic floor muscles need to catch some breath

Pelvic floor muscle dysfunction is often caused by increased tension of the pelvic floor muscles and the inability to relax these muscles correctly. How can PelviFly help women suffering from such a condition?

What is the root of the problem?

It’s important to bear in mind that when we talk about muscle relaxation, we draw the attention to both the ability to achieve the right degree of relaxation and the time required to achieve this level after contraction. In their study, Leitner et al. examined the differences in the condition of pelvic floor muscles of incontinent and continent women. They found a significant difference in the rate of decrease in muscle activity after contraction – in the case of incontinent women, this rate was prolonged and amounted to -74.4%MVC/s. In the case of the examined continent women, in turn, this rate was -120.7%MVC/s [Leitner M. et al., 2019].

The difference in relaxation time shows that the inability to relax muscles or the prolonged time required to reach the state of relaxation is a frequent problem among women suffering from genuine stress incontinence. Training regimes that skip the relaxation stage lead to muscle shortening, increased tension, and lower flexibility.

We can see that the problem with relaxation is common in patients. This is why we take it into particular consideration when designing exercise plans. Every woman who is about to start her PelviFly training is to perform a muscle test using the device and the application first. Based on the results of the test, we assess e.g. the maximum force and control of contraction, the level of endurance, and the ability to relax after contraction. The specialists who monitor our patients’ training have access to a number of parameters and charts that give them insight into each patient’s performance and results. On the basis of the obtained information, they provide patients with exercising tips and design their further training plans.

A case study of one of our patients

Below you can find a chart presenting the results of a test performed by one of our patients pay attention to the blue-colored fragments. You’ll see that at stage 2 (when the patient has to perform a contraction with little force) and stage 5 (when performing quick contractions with maximum force) the relaxation is not complete. You’ll notice that during quick contractions at maximum force the patient didn’t reach even 50% of relaxation. Incomplete relaxation can be also seen at stage 4, which lets us assess e.g. muscle endurance. With access to such information, we can provide the patient with the right training recommendations.

PelviFly muscle test – a chart from the telecare platform

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A new relaxation training

We know how important appropriate muscle relaxation is, that’s why every PelviFly training program takes into account the right time for muscle relaxation both between contractions and between series of exercises. We have now introduced a completely new type of exercise. One that is all about muscle relaxation. Thanks to a visualization displayed on the screen, the patient will see how the tension in her muscles changes. There will also be an opportunity to take advantage of vibrotherapy.

Pelvic floor muscles work in coordination with the diaphragm, which is why learning how to breathe correctly is so important in this context. The changing content displayed on the screen during relaxation training will support the patient in her breathing exercise. And PelviFly specialists will be able to monitor the changes in the pelvic floor muscle tension and the activity of pelvic floor muscles during breathing training.

A synergy between the diaphragm and pelvic floor muscles

We know that relaxation exercises are a type of training many specialists have been waiting for, so it makes us all the more happy to be able to boost the potential of PelviFly really soon.

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