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Our experience

Our history

The founder of PelviFly is Urszula Herman, she did Phd at the Collegium Medicum of the Jagiellonian University, because she has been fascinated by pelvic floor muscles for 8 years. She has devoted all her scientific work to this issue.

She first founded Force Feminite Foundation to help female patients, then the idea of using new technologies was born by collaborated with engineers from Stanford University in Silicon Valley, California PelviFly uses the kGoal vaginal probe to help you train your pelvic floor muscles.

After four years of development, medical research, and feedback from women, Pelvifly has developed and refined its telemedicine system (based on the kGoal intravaginal device) to deliver effective and efficient solutions for pelvic floor training.

What’s the latest with PelviFly?

Our new PelviFly & Kegel Ninja Trainer application is now available in several languages around the world, and the specialist database of our PelviCoachy is constantly growing.

Currently, we have a ready solution and over 20,000 people who already have kGoal, and we can help the women around the world. We are currently supported by a leading expert class from Google for Startups, where together with outstanding advisors we are developing our telecare service based on pelvic floor muscle exercises and we are proud of it.

In the past The project won the recognition and trust of women from the Women Entrepreneurship Network Foundation from the very beginning. Business Angels from the Black Swan Fund has invested in PelviFly – women who have achieved business success by running companies or co-managing large corporations. They did not only invest capital in this project, they supported PelviFly with their knowledge and by mentoring us.

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